October 2016: Book "En prison, la vie a jailli".

The book in French of Brother François-Marie, reports about the 114 days passed in the prison of Chaibasa among Adivasis 


You can order it on the site of  Amazone or La Procure.



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July 2016: House of Pilgrims of Charity in Krishnanagar

Finally, it happened! July 16, 2016, day of the festivity of Lady of Mount Carmel! For years, people have been looking for a house outside Calcutta that can be used for pilgrims' own lives and for the temporary care of children and others. Well, the Lord has provided, or rather, Divine Providence has done well!

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July 2016: Testimony of Gustave and Gaspard after their stay in Calcutta

Longtime friends, students in Lille and Paris, we went on a voluntary trip to the Pilgrims of Charity in Calcutta in July. And what a trip! Leaving with many expectations, joy but also a slight apprehension facing this leap into the unknown, we return the head full of great memories!

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July 2016: Brother François-Marie's Birthday!

On July 10, we celebrated François-Marie's birthday.

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July 2016: Brother Gaston turned 80

Brother Gaston turned 80 on Saturday, July 9, 2016: Big party at ICOD!

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Mai 2016: Travel in Orissa. "We will remember this planet for a long time."

Father Ceyrac often repeated this phrase: "we will remember this planet for a long time!"


We could say the same about our visit to Kandhamal district, which leaves an unforgettable memory in our hearts. I have never seen landscapes so beautiful, mountains as sumptuous but especially Christian communities as fervent!

The purpose of our mission in this Christian District (85%) of Orissa, located 900 km south of Calcutta, was to respond to the Archbishop of Bhubaneswar's call by participating in the youth camp, testifying of our vocation to 257 adolescents and with the hope of gathering among them consecrated vocations.

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January 2016: The coming of Michel.  By Michel Durand

First day in Calcutta

On this Monday 4 January, 6 AM, the feeling to be in an unusual environment almost disturbing wakes me up with a jerk, where am I? Although still sleepy, my questioning is of a short duration. This ceaseless horning coming from the street, gutturals and noisy voices, this strong spicy smells, climbing from the lower storeys, no doubt, at last I am in Calcutta.

The event of my arrival comes back rapidly to my mind, the landing five hours earlier at the airport of Calcutta, the warm welcome of Brother Francis-Mary, accompanied by Raja, a child of the railway station, the fast trip in car driving me from the airport to the Brothers of Seva Kendra, where I will lodge during my stay...

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January 2016: Bimal, abandoned little boy

On January 1st, 2016 we discover this little angel deposited by his mother ... who fled after having abandoned it!

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