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1. Situation mid-June 2022:


Faced with the protracted war, many families have now decided to return to their country. In fact they are not returning to the east of the country. It is also impossible to get there because of the violent and incessant bombardments in Donbass. They return to the West in the regions of Lviv and Kyiv where they often have families or friends.


These two towns are now in turn host towns for large numbers of refugees. Despite this, the fact of feeling in their country even exiled from their region is an essential point.


To date, 50% of people continue to leave the country while 50% return. At the border we now have 4 trains every day for Ukraine. Our work has not changed even if the dispatching is done in both directions.


2. Thanks to your donations, the last shipment of medicines to Ukraine took place 15 days ago. On behalf of these needy populations, we say a big thank you for your generosity.


3. With the Caritas association with which we work we will be sent to the other side of the border, in order to strengthen the teams in Ukraine. As soon as we are on site we will let you know of the emergency needs.


Once again we express our deep gratitude to you for all you have already done. Let us pray with all our hearts that this war finds a quick end.


Brother François and the team of volunteers.


June 17, 2022

These are emergency medicines that have been purchased thanks to our Donor Friends in France. who have just arrived in Ukraine.


Thanks to the donations we receive we can meet emergency needs.


20% of the medicine stays at the border so that we can meet the needs of the refugees, who continue to arrive every day in their thousands and 80% are sent to Ukraine.

Thanks to the collaboration of our Franciscan brothers, the medicines are then dispatched to the four corners of the country, including in the south-east.

Given the seriousness of the situation in Ukraine,


And to answer the call of humanitarian organizations, with two other Pilgrims of Charity, we went to Poland to support and serve the Ukrainian refugees (especially women and children). Among the various NGOs that have approached us, we have decided to respond to the call of "Caritas".


All these populations uprooted from their country arrive, in unbelievable conditions, at the Polish and Hungarian borders. Often they have to jump on a crowded train to flee their country.


To allow a better efficiency we left in pairs. First: Mikaël and me. Fabien joined us yesterday.


We entrust this mission to your prayers.


Brother Francois Marie

March 28, 2022

Our mission is very simple:


* Welcome the refugees who disembark in whole trains, help them carry their babies, their children and also their luggage: trunks, suitcases as well as their animals (Because in Ukraine the family is complete only if the animals are present)


* Direct them to the offices to help them discover their destination and dispatch them. For this we need to learn the Ukrainian language, at least a few words...


* Allow them to eat and rest. We have a capacity of 70 mattresses but a large accommodation platform called "Pesko" can accommodate up to 1200 people each night.


* Finally distribute food to them (and blankets in the evening) on the station platform and in the trains.

What we need:


After an emergency call from large organizations for volunteers, today we are enough to face a situation which is no longer increasing and which would even tend to decrease. It is still too early to draw conclusions.


The help we need is essentially medical help and families who can welcome them to their country.

Many reception platforms have been set up and we invite all families to contact them. Whether large organizations such as "France Terre d'Asile" or other bodies.

Here nearly 7,000 refugees land every day. 75% are distributed to the four corners of Poland and 25% to Germany, Italy, Portugal or France.


It is extraordinary to see the generosity that unfolds here and there: An essential step to face this disaster. Quite modestly we try to put a small drop of happiness, where we are, to comfort these populations uprooted from their country.


Many of you have already offered to help us achieve this mission: Thank you.


You can make your donations:


By check to the “Pilgrims of Charity” association, mentioning UKRAINE.


Here is the address of our treasurer, Lucien Dumortier:

7 Allée des Brigamilles

18570 Trouy



By bank transfer: IBAN FR76 1480 6180 0070 0456 0451 605 AGRIFRPP848


Do not forget the mention UKRAINE.

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