July 2016: House of Pilgrims of Charity in Krishnanagar

Finally, it happened! July 16, 2016, day of the festivity of Lady of Mount Carmel! For years, people have been looking for a house outside Calcutta that can be used for pilgrims' own lives and for the temporary care of children and others. Well, the Lord has provided, or rather, Divine Providence has done well!


This large house belonging to the diocese is located in a quiet area of Krishnanagar near the bishop's palace, close to the Friends Birds of Air, a community of friends and partners of the Pilgrims of Charity.


The house is empty, clean inside and unoccupied for a few years. In addition, a garden with several large trees makes the place cool and pleasant. Big wild grass signal a neglected place, but a little gardening and everything will be very neat and friendly.


The entry into the house will be effective in a few months, next December. It was this morning of July 16th that the meeting of François-Marie and the accountant of the diocese made the project effective.


A visit of the place, and especially the interior, decided everything. In the afternoon, the whole group arrived to celebrate the anniversary of the FBAs: they have been established in Krishnanagar for 5 years.


Mass for the Lady of Mount Carmel started the festivity. It was a good opportunity to give thanks the Lord for all the service done to young disabled people and especially the fraternal presence of FBA religious with them.


As for the friends of the Pilgrims of Charity, they gave thanks for Lord's gift: a house that had been waiting for so long!



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