Presence in France

If the major part of our associative investment is made in India, cradle of the creation of our vocation, we cannot and do not have to remain insensible of the hardness of the life which also strikes our fellow countrymen here in France.

For that purpose, a beautiful project builds stone after stone, the Hermitage Mary Mother of the Poor, in Auvergne.

Also, our presence in France is marked by a work of raising awareness and information about our Indian mission. Like this, we make as much as we can, and on request, some visits to testify of our action towards the young people in schools.


We would miss our pilgrim of Charity vocation if we directed exclusively our energy to Calcutta by denying the reality of our dying people's homes of West. By looking around us, we discover very fast the poor people who surround us, in our city, in our district, sometimes even in our family.

Of every ages, some of them hardly out of the adolescence, they went across problems of, psychological, material break down … Incapable to face alone the adversities of life and having no more reason for hoping, they are homeless, unemployed, without support; only the begging allows them to survive. The alcohol, the drug, are often their only diversion and contribute to engender a big violence. Their physical, moral misery, is very big; they are the poorest of the poor people of our cities of the West.

The project of life of our association stipulates that the Pilgrim of Charity is "at the service of the poorest of the poor people", by bringing his help to these persons without roof and without future "his action has an educational dimension". It was thus necessary to find a place, which is at the same moment a place of welcome and the anchorage point of our Association.

Acquired for that purpose in 2007, the Mill of Azinière became the Center Mary Mother of the Poor on October 10th, 2008, day of its inauguration and its blessing by Mgr. Brincard, bishop of the Puy-en-Velay.

The Mill of Azinière, a former water mill, was built in the middle of nowhere on the municipality of Saint-Georges d'Aurac at the heart of Auvergne, in this magnificent hilly region of famous volcanoes and whose inhabitants are solid and magnificently welcoming at the same time. The river is quite close, in spring the nature is green; the silence is only disturbed by the mooing of cows and the birdsong.

To protect an authentic family feeling, the accommodation facilities of this small hermitage are limited. It is intended to accommodate Brother Francis-Mary during its brief passages in France and to welcome 5 to 6 people "wishing to go out of the slump into which they are plunged". "Our purpose thus is to calm and to fill their wounds by the human and divine Love" (This resolution is registered in the Life plan of our Association, which specifies).

Indeed, "5 means will be implemented in this hermitage":

  • The contact with the nature: we shall suggest to each one to live a time close to the nature to allow them to find back the trust in God and in themself.
  • The spiritual life for those who wish for it: each will be welcomed whatever is its religion but by respecting this dimension which is above all personal.
  • The community life: to learn or learn again the listening and the respect for others.
  • The manual work: to find the taste of the effort and the pleasure which results from the success of a personal work.
  • The issue of a project: by inviting them in particular to be themself, carriers of charity so that they discover before leaving the hermitage that they have an important place within the society.

During the course of the year, we are going to acquire a ground on which are the ruins of a former sheepfold; this ground adjacent to the one who surrounds the hermitage will allow to double its surface. After restoration, this former sheepfold will become the chapel of the hermitage.

To allow to welcome better the people who will stay at the Hermitage we planned certain developments: improvement of the system of heating (the winters are rough in Auvergne), repair of the water line (the river is close but the winter it is necessary to break the ice), installation of an electric line bringing the current from the hamlet of Azinière.

Thanks to all those who support us in this mission of Love.


The association is pleased to come to the meeting of schools which wish for it, and with the explicit request of the head teacher, to share and testify of his missions.

As far as possible during his missions in France, Brother Francis-Mary comes personally to exchange with the pupils during interventions during from one to one and half hour.

When he is not in the capacity to go himself in schools, a layman, member of the association of the Pilgrims of Charity may replace him.

The interventions of Brother Francis-Mary articulate by a typical program which we propose to you:

  • Presentation
  • Broadcasting of a documentary (26 min.)
  • Testimony
  • Exchange / Sharing by means of free questions or by a system of small paper messages
  • Presentation of a project to show that an idea takes all its sense when it results in an action

Three pillars of reflection guide our mission with schools:

  • Share with the poorest
  • Follow a precise project
  • Look around: the poor people are also where I live


If you wish that we make a visit within your establishment, do not hesitate to contact our coordinator Pauline Leroux:

 Les Pèlerins de la Charité | 7 Allée des Brigamilles | FR-18570 Trouy