Our project

To live the Gospel by carrying love, humanity, medical care, educational programs and what the poor people, those who lost any reason for hoping, need in their place of life.

To reach this purpose, we work exclusively on the ground, going two by two to live with the poor people, discovering their needs and serving them.

Everything began in a gutter

One day in December 2003, the 9th to be precise, thanks to a young Rajesh boy discovered in a gutter, I discovered hundreds of children wandering on the quays of the Calcutta station and I heard the call of God...

Our vision

More, always more... for the poor.

We owe them everything! God himself by being embodied chose to become identified with them and... to serve them! We wish to be even more present among the poor, by developing the medical care and the educational programs.


To develop our mission:

We wish to develop our mission in slums, where thousands of people pile up, survive and suffer.


To be present in the hospitals:

To visit, to accompany and to console so many people parachuted in the governmental hospitals, sometimes dying from solitude. We believe a lot in the efficiency of the prayer but we also believe in the efficiency of a visit, of a moment of listening. So, when we are present with a sick person, we accompany him/her until he finds back the health or until he/she leaves towards the House of the Father.


Life project

Our association is called Brotherhood (family) because it is firstly a state of mind to serve the poor which we wish to live and which unites us today.

Although every one wishing to cooperate in our mission is considered as belonging to our family, whatever is the nature of its presence, its help, or its religion. Two branches are distinct.


The ultimate purpose of our mission is to give to the poor people a dignity of life by their rehabilitation. We do not want to limit our action to the fact of giving some education and medical care, but also of helping the most deprived to discover and to take their place in the society. This way, we also try to favor a contact with their family, to recreate emotional links which were sometimes cut off.


Among the poor people that we have the grace to serve, we bring a particular care and attention to the lone children, to the handicapped , those who are without root and without roof and who will have most dificulties to make it.


We work for it in very narrow link with other associations as the Friends of the Birds of the Sky (FBA) and the Interreligious Community for the Development (ICOD).

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