About us


To live the Gospel by carrying love, humanity, medical care, educational programs and what the poor people, those who lost any reason for hoping, need in their place of life.


To reach this purpose, we work exclusively on the ground, going two by two to live with the poor people, discovering their needs and serving them.


"Everything began in a gutter... a day of December, 2003, on 9th to be precise."

by Brother Francis Marie

"It was already a few months that the call to leave everything to dedicate myself to the deprived had rung in me when following this exhortation, I landed in Calcutta to take part in the work of the Sisters of Mother Teresa within orphanages and dying people's homes of the city.

This day, while I was exceptionally sent to celebrate a mass in the outskirts of the city and when I was geting ready to join my orphanage of Daya-Dan, the taxi-scooter passes in front of the big railway station of Sealdah. This was the way my eyes fall on a young boy with naked body, sitting on a pavement, feet in the gutter. The unfortunate one did not have more than the skin on bones and scrapped a banana skin with his teeth. My blood made only a turn, it was for me a real electric shock. I decide to jump out of my taxi, to bring him my help. After three hours, spent to look after him, to wash and to dress him, I had made a new friend, Rajesh. Thanks to this young boy, I discovered more than hundred children who roamed here and there on the platforms of the railway station and try to survive their sad fate. Accompanied by my freshly met guide, the young Rajesh, I learn that some of them have the luck to be welcomed in a center. They are already saved in a way because there they receive what is essential to their dignity: affection, place to eat and a roof. But there are the others... Those who stay in the railway station cannot and must not be forgotten.

A child in good health always has chances to get out there but it is another story for those who are sick, or handicapped, incapable of begging. Some of them already have lost a reason for hope. It was necessary to do something, but what? God did not take a long time to answer to me by specifying how I had to act.

A few days later, John, an American volunteer decides to join me and the idea to raise a family dedicated to these children without root and without roof was then imperative upon me.

This family will consist of five pillars, the foundations of our association, Pilgrims of Charity:

  • Join, live and serve these children by discovering their needs and by joining them where they are by pouring human and divine love, by listening to them.
  • To humanize railway platforms, slums, and for that our action is very simple.
  • Bring help and medical care.
  • Give the education through animations and living environment which join them (hygiene, prevention, nutrition and also learn to manage a budget).
  • Help them so that they find a place which welcomes them, this particularly for the handicapped children. For emergencies, the young people will be welcomed within the House of the Happiness. For a definitive accommodation, we work with the Brothers Missionaries of Charity, organization established in 1963 and totally dedicated in the service of the poorest


More, always more... for the poor

We owe them everything! God himself by being embodied chose to become identified with them and... to serve them! We wish to be even more present among the poor, by developing the medical care and the educational programs.

To develop our mission

We wish to develop our mission in slums, where thousands of people pile up, survive and suffer.

To be present in the hospitals

To visit, to accompany and to console so many people parachuted in the governmental hospitals, sometimes dying from solitude. We believe a lot in the efficiency of the prayer but we also believe in the efficiency of a visit, of a moment of listening. So, when we are present with a sick person, we accompany him/her until he finds back the health or until he/she leaves towards the House of the Father.


Our association is called Brotherhood (family) because it is firstly a state of mind to serve the poor which we wish to live and which unites us today.

Although every one wishing to cooperate in our mission is considered as belonging to our family, whatever is the nature of its presence, its help, or its religion. Two branches are distinct.

The Brothers Pilgrims of Charity (P.C. Brothers)

They are called to live in a full and total consecration to God and to the poor. This branch is characterized by:

  • A life fully directed on the Gospel
  • A life of brotherhood, prayer, service of the poor and the touring
  • A life dependent only on Divine Providence
  • A life answering the profession of 4 evangelic advices of poverty, charity, obedience and service of the poor

The Friends Pilgrims of Charity (P.C. Friends)

This branch groups all the people who wish to live the Gospel and to embody it in their own life.

It is characterized by:

  • The fact of cooperating some way or another in the mission of the Pilgrims of Charity
  • The fact of being united with the prayer of all the Pilgrims of Charity every day
  • The fact of being really a Pilgrim of Charity, to make its message shine in its own place of life and as possible to arouse the birth of a group of friends Pilgrims of Charity there
  • The delivery of the rosary of rope the day of the commitment, in sign of the membership in our brotherhood Friend Pilgrims of Charity
  • Pilgrims of Charity can be received Individually, in couple or as a group.


The ultimate purpose of our mission is to give to the poor people a dignity of life. We do not want to limit our action to the fact of giving some education and medical care, but also of helping the most deprived to discover and to take their place in the society. This way, we also try to favor a contact with their family, to recreate emotional links which were sometimes cut off.


Among the poor people that we have the grace to serve, we bring a particular care and attention to the lone children, to the handicapped , those who are without root and without roof and who will have most dificulties to make it.


We work for it in very narrow link with other associations as the Friends of the Birds of the Sky (FBA) and the Interreligious Community for the Development (ICOD).

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e-mail: pilgrimsofcharity@gmail.com