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Our Association obeys a certain number of rules; the main clause: never demand some money, but the Love.

It follows, that our characteristic is not to appeal, all azimuth, to anonymous givers and even less to collectors of funds.

The donations are only the consequence of the link existing with the association, its spirit, its mission. Every donor is above all, a Messenger, a Servant, a bearer of Love, who having had knowledge of our projects and our works in aid of the poorest, is animated by the desire to participate in it by becoming a "Pilgrim of Charity", spreading happiness where he is.

Knowing beforehand the affectation of its donation and knowing that no cents will be diverted from it, he participates and collaborates to the common project not only by the money which he supplies, but also, and especially, by being interested in the follow-up and in the exploitation of this project which became its project of Love.

Every Pilgrim of Charity is informed by: the biannual bulletin "The Messenger of Calcutta" and, by the general assemblies in which, if he wishes, he can attend and participate by announcing his ideas and testimonies.

It follows, that our characteristic is not to appeal, all azimuth, to anonymous givers and even less to collectors of funds.


Since December, 2013 we have the grace to serve hundreds of children without roots and without roof; most are without parents or more exactly the relation parents children was broken in most of the cases, further to emotional breaks. These wounded but smiling children and hopeful found themselves from the youngest age thrown on the pavement or on railway platform.

Most of them totally left to themself fell in the mirage of the drug (glue), the sex (prostitution) and alcohol. However, in a more general way, a factor often directs their life, which is for them a treasure: their freedom!

Where from a profound sensibility and an instability which somewhere paralyze their life by preventing them from living normally as the other children of their age (school, long-lasting professional integration, etc.).

The Pilgrims of Charity, who share their life with the life of these children, answer this instability by the rehabilitation which will allow the child to find little by little confidence in himself and in the life and to find his place in the society.

This rehabilitation, we favor it of several manners:

1) By helping the child to find his family and to live a path of forgiveness and reconciliation.

To find one own roots it is to find the peace; afterward, by asking to the parents to cooperate, we can envisage a school, a training school, and a work. But this stage is very often unsuccessful: the wounds of these children are so deep than they will take a very long time for healing

2) By sponsoring the child.

For us the best way of fighting against the instability is the sponsoring. We propose to the child a godfather / godmother, with whom he is united by a contract.

This contract will allow:

  • To establish between the child and his godfather / godmother, a personal link based on the affection and the trust, the link which becomes a reality by two annual letters, the exchange of photos, sharing of their story (both from the side of the godfather / godmother and of the side of P.C. Boys) and a possible visit of the godfather / godmother to Calcutta. This link of affection and trust can also become a reality by the possibility of informing the godfather / godmother of the particular problems which their godchild can meet (we had to request recently certain godfathers to help release their imprisoned godchild or still on the occasion of the death of their father).
  • To give to the child an informal schooling: twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursdays, by coming to our school, he will receive a schooling adapted to his own life. To take him out of its usual place of survival, mainly the railway station, he has to stay two nights a week in our night shelter.
  • To help the child to find a work or an accelerated training (some work with us).
  • By this contract the godfather / godmother undertakes to support the child for a minimal duration of 3 years by overturning him 60 euro every month by direct debit, half being handed to him after having taught him to manage a budget, other half being placed on an account in which he will have access when he will be an adult, will have a situation and will want to start a family.

This strategy of sponsoring involve a whole organization in particular the implementation of two co-workers (SH Coop) who have for mission of:

  • Favor relationships between the children and the godfathers / godmothers: exchange of mail, photos.
  • Translate both annual letters.
  • Guarantee a punctual relation, that is to inform the child or the godfather / godmother of such or such event.
  • Make sure of the good management of the money. For India, the coordinator is Wasim and for France, they are Samuel and Fiji Path.

3) By being with them and by helping them to go out of certain dramatic situations in which they can be: drug addiction, prostitution or still disease.

We work in very narrow links with three organizations:

  • Interreligious Community of Development (ICOD)
  • Birds and Friends of the Air (FBA)
  • Shining Eyes (SE)

We also cooperate, when it is possible, with the police (GRP / RPF) to release those who are in prison by finding them a place where they can envisage a new life.

Coordinator of the sponsoring

For any request of further information or to participate in the program of sponsoring, do not hesitate to contact our coordinator Michel Durand:


At the moment donations are only possible by check (do not send notes by mail) and make out to the Pilgrims of Charity.

Les Pèlerins de la Charité

à l'attention de Lucien Dumortier

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The Brotherhood of the Pilgrims of Charity welcomes volunteers who wish to serve the poor people for a minimal duration of one month.

It is asked to every volunteers to send an application letter to the association at least 3 months before his coming, care of the Coordinator of the Volunteers, Frédéric Leblanc.

A day of training will allow each one to discover our Brotherhood and to get ready to come to serve the poor people in the sirit of the Pilgrims of Charity.

To contact our coordinator

If you are interested in our volunteer program, please contact our coordinator Frédéric Leblanc:

 Les Pèlerins de la Charité | 7 Allée des Brigamilles | FR-18570 Trouy