11/02/2003  - 11/02/2024: 21 years serving the poor!

Christmas message 2023

At the heart of a world living in extreme violence, (here in Israel, so many innocent people, including women and children, have been massacred every day since October 7) a Light shines ⭐

God himself took our human condition, born at the bottom of a Crib. He is this Light 🕯which shines in the darkness and gives hope to so many men and women ☀️

Let us be this Light which springs forth in the darkness which continually tells us:

“Life is the most beautiful gift we have received”

Christmas tells us about birth. Jesus wants to be reborn in each of us through our joy, our smile and everything we can bring to others.

“Never let someone come to you and leave without them being happier” (Mother Teresa)

This night, under the beautiful blue starry sky of Palestine, I will have a thought for all of you during the night's Mass which will be celebrated in the greatest destitution given the context!

May the Christmas Light 🕯 stay lit in your hearts to light up the new year.

Very happy Christmas to each of you.

With my affection and my prayer.

Brother François


  • join the poor people where they are
  • stay with them and establish a relation built on trust
  • discover their needs
  • be subjected to them


  • fraternity
  • prayer
  • be with the poor people and to serve them

The family of the "Pilgrims of Charity" is declared and recognized in France as an association governed by the law of 1901

(decision of October 26th, 2006, receipt of declaration: WW181000642).

In India, it was officialy recognized by the governement as a “charitable trust”

on 4th March, 2013 (n° of recording: IV-01471 / 2013).

 Les Pèlerins de la Charité | 7 Allée des Brigamilles | FR-18570 Trouy
e-mail: pilgrimsofcharity@gmail.com