Pilgrims of Charity's life project

Pilgrims of Charity's association is called Brotherhood (family) because it is firstly a state of mind to serve the poor which we wish to live and which unites us today.

Although every one wishing to cooperate in our mission is considered as belonging to our family, whatever is the nature of its presence, its help, or its religion.


Two branches are distinct:


Pilgrims of Charity Brothers (P.C. Brothers)

They are called Pilgrims of Charity Brothers to live in a full and total consecration to God and to the poor.


This branch is characterized by:

  • A life fully directed on the Gospel
  • A life of brotherhood, prayer, service of the poor and the touring
  • A life dependent only on Divine Providence
  • A life answering the profession of 4 evangelic advices of poverty, charity, obedience and service of the poor

Pilgrims of Charity's Friends (P.C. Friends)

This branch groups all the people who wish to live the Gospel and to embody it in their own life.

It is characterized by:

  • The fact of cooperating some way or another in the mission of the Pilgrims of Charity
  • The fact of being united with the prayer of all the Pilgrims of Charity every day
  • The fact of being really a Pilgrim of Charity, to make its message shine in its own place of life and as possible to arouse the birth of a group of friends Pilgrims of Charity there
  • The delivery of the rosary of rope the day of the commitment, in sign of the membership in our brotherhood Friend Pilgrims of Charity
  • Pilgrims of Charity can be received Individually, in couple or as a group.

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e-mail: pilgrimsofcharity@gmail.com