November 2012: Story of my mission in India, by Jean-Baptiste Planson

Everything begins November 15th, 2012 when the door of the plane opens and when, still not knowing where I set foot, I discover a landscape rather polluted, wet... and very hot.

One week previously, I was in training with the Foreign Missions of Paris. All this looks to me already very far and the adventure begins with a little apprehension and I cannot refrain from wondering into what I once more launch myself.

What contrasts with Paris where it is very cold! I feel strongly the heat and the heaviness of the air. At the bottom of the boarding staircase , I take for the first time an Indian transport: blocked doors, broken ventilator, fleas on the carpet and organization let us say very Indian to collect the passengers. Crossed the moment to get back our luggage as well as the endless passage to the customs and... here I am at last arrived!

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