July 2016: New stay of Marie-Françoise in Calcutta.

I was happy to go back to Calcutta this summer to meet the friends and Pilgrims of Charity. Of course, I found the main activity of the pilgrims, namely, the service of the poorest of the poor at the Sealdah station and in the slum. Towards the end of my stay, I participated in the visits to the Sealdah Hospital.


What struck me most this time was the fraternal life of the Pilgrims of Charity, the young Christian boys from Orissa and the two schoolchildren. There were also two French volunteers participating in the activities as well as Akash and Nasim two coordinators each working in his field.

On several occasions during my stay, I am single consecrated, I was put in situation of "mother of family" watching over meals or just to be there with all these young boys. They were all taking turns participating in "housekeeping" tasks.


Beyond the English language, not always well mastered, we understood each other, it was the heart that spoke.


At the request of François-Marie, I gave some singing lessons to clarify the simple melodies of the songs and to start setting up some benchmarks for the psalmody. Likewise, I shared with them how my life of prayer combined with my professional life. I was also happy to be present at two events that took place during my stay and which are undoubtedly placed at a turning point in the development in the life of the Pilgrims of Charity.


First, the Krishnanagar House offered to the Pilgrims of Charity on the festivity of Lady of Mount Carmel.


The second milestone event took place on July 26th, and I was leaving the same evening: The Sealdah Station Manager signed in his office, in the presence of François-Marie, a document recognizing the work done by the Pilgrims of Charity.


It is true that the stationmaster had visited the Pilgrims Charity in the new apartment during a party of the "non formal school". Many other adventures have happened to me in Calcutta and I have many more things to tell, but the essential is there.

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