July 2009: "Cleansing" stay in Calcutta from May till July, 2009 by Mélanie Roccofort.

Arrived at Calcutta on Thursday, May 7th, 2009: long-awaited moment… I am not making a film in the head, to be better able to welcome what I am going to live. What am I thus going to discover?

I find without any trouble "Father Francis" (Father François-Marie whom everybody so calls here) which waits patiently for the arrival of the Indian train, with the small hour of delay: nothing very grave.

From this moment , everything accelerates for me, in particular as I take for the first time a " real bus " of Calcutta, first thing about which the Father begins to speak to me. They are the "most typical" of India. Here, they use them up to the end... and to be able to take it, you should not hesitate to shout the destination!
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