ASHRAM - GIFT OF LIFE : SCOOL AND roof for the children

Pilgrims of Charity founded a School for the children of the station

Why a school?

For the most part of the children of the station and the streets that we have the grace to serve, the formal education remains absolutely inaccessible, as well educationally than financially.


One of the priorities of the Pilgrims of Charity is to put each of our helps, medical and school in particular, at the level of the children, by offering to them the best of our skills. It is even more true in the field of the education.


So, we decided to open a "non formal school" accessible to the children of stations and slums of Calcutta.


This school gives as first project to be accessible to all the children and the teenagers by proposing a complete program including the brotherly meeting, the education, the sport, meals and night accommodation.

4 priorities

  • Learn to read and to write
  • Acquire a level of general knowledge so as to allow them to take part in the society
  • By programs of prevention, help them to face what can be dangerous and fatal in their life (various abuse, accident, AIDS, drug, alcohol and quite different bad attitude
  • Learn to manage his/her money

Pilgrims of charity also propose to children classes of English, spirituality, dance also singing, to develop the talents of each one of them.


The school was inaugurated on February 15th, 2014 by Frédéric Leblanc, member of the Pilgrims of Charity.


It is opened on Tuesday and Thursdays from 5 pm to 9 pm. It works thanks to the presence of four professors who share the diverse subjects to be taught.

The night shelter for children without roof

Among the children of the railway stations and streets of Calcutta with whom we share our life, most of them are without root and without roof.


Yet the night is one of the most difficult moments because they are exposed to all the dangers. Not only the thefts, the harassment of the dealers, but also they are sexually deceived, beaten by drunk people or being druged by someone when it is not by the very police.


Although we chose, at the request of the children, to sleep one night a month with them, we are conscious that it is not sufficient. It is one of reasons why we decided to open a night shelter.


This night shelter is opened five days a week and the children can arrive in the evening, take a shower, a dinner and have a good night sleep in safety before leaving the following morning after a breakfast.


The night shelter is under the responsibility of Kamal Sardar, member of the Pilgrim of Charity, who officiates there as guard.


 Les Pèlerins de la Charité | 7 Allée des Brigamilles | FR-18570 Trouy