The association possesses two poles of action. One is situated in France to manage the structure of the association, the visits of schools and the communication.

The second is situated in India, in the heart of our main action. Beyond the administrative aspect, the association also counts in its ranks some volunteers always quick to act on the ground.

We invite you to discover the operational team of the Pilgrims of Charity around its initiator, Brother Francis-Mary.


Founder of the association

Priest and chaplain of high school, it is on February 11th, 2003 that a call to serve the poorest change my life. On December 9th, 2003, my vocation of Pilgrim of Charity is revealed to me and I find myself on the heaps of garbage in Calcutta. To pour Love onto these children without root and without roof, to serve them and to give them a reason for hope, such is from now on my fight of every day. Assessment of these 10 years: I received everything from them!

Two convictions live in me: God and the Poor. Two words and a single reality: the street became my church!


Co-founder of the association

My name is John and I am from San Francisco, in the United States. I came to Kolkata in 2004 to volunteer with the M.C. Sisters and this is where I met Brother Francois. After realizing we had the same vision to serve those in need with God's help, we served together in the Sealdah station and hospital. Since then, I maintain a close partnership with the Pilgrims of Charity mission.

My vision: I hope that every person on the planet has an opportunity to reach their full potential. Sometimes due to the social environment, young people are now able to receive the opportunities they need to grow. It is my hope that the Pilgrims of Charity organization can assist the young boys and girls who are interested to grow intellectually and spiritually.


Vice President of the association

Married and father of three children, I met Brother Francis-Mary in Kolkata at the very heart of its mission within poor children. At Sealdah train station, in the slums and in public hospitals, he beautifully puts into practice Mother Teresa words :" never let someone who comes to visit you leave if he is not happier than when he arrived".

Since this amazing encounter, and together with all the friends of the association, it is with joy and happiness that I tried to help the association to progress and thrive, at the service of children from the station and the poorest amongst the poors.


Treasurer of the association

Since the beginning of my working life (1956) and until now, I always had the concern to put at the disposal of others, associations or labor unions, the spare time which I could have. It is thus quite naturally that I put at the service of the Pilgrims of Charity some skills which were given to me by my education or that I acquired by the studies.


Counsellor of the pilgrims of charity

As a retired person and a widower since many years, I belong, since his creation, to the Association the "Pilgrims of Charity". In the service of the poorest, I meet numerous friends; the testimonies of Love that we exchange give me joy and happiness.


Secretary of the association

Mother of six children, friend of brother Francis-Mary for 20 years, I have been struck, since the very first encounter with him on the roads of Czestochowa, by his joy of life and his smile.  His mission with the children of Kolkata is a way to put in practice the charity and mercy that our Lord taught us. His testimony in the schools of Europe is a necessity to open the kids to the universal dimension of love and sharing.



Documentalist and coordinator with schools in Europe


President of Pilgrims of Charity Friends (India)

I knew Brother Francis-Mary since 10 years, he was calling some body in order to get medecine for the poor. Immediately, I was impressed how he was looking to each person, especially the poorest of the poor. Today, I am very happy to be a Pilgrim of Charity.

My only desire: to make others happy.


Vice-president of Pilgrims of Charity Friends (India)

Working toward the destituted children, I met Brother Francis-Mary when he was starting his work to Sealdah station. His hope and his smile in front of any difficult situation had impressed me.

My wish: To take out a rootless and roofless child from the street, it's to give him a reason of Hope.


Secretary of Pilgrims of Charity Friends (India)



Treasurer of Pilgrims of Charity Friends (India)

Discover his vocation into a sewer... that's amazing! I was impressed by the beginning of the association, an extravagant experience with the Lord and poor people! I press on in this experience because I believe it!


Coordinator of the association and of the sponsorships (India)

Assistant of brother Francis-Mary, Wasim lives in the suburb of Calcutta. He has the advantage to speak the Bengali and English perfectly. Thanks to it, he became our favored interpreter on the ground.


Guard of the night shelter

Kamal is a former child of the railway station. He came to know brother Francis-Mary while he was schooled within the organization Don Bosco. 28-year-old from now on, He is a precious help by its knowledge of all the children of Sealdah.